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Umphrey's McGee

Concerts & MusicSnowcones, where the pristine sound of the live soundboard mix is piped wirelessly through high-end personal monitor systems and headphones, as well as making every live show since 2005 available via their live music portal UM were also the first group to launch its own single-artist streaming service.Finding themselves in London for three shows at the Brooklyn Bowl in June 2014, the idea of recording at Abbey Road was first proposed by Umphreys producer Manny Sanchez, a notion, as Bayliss told Rolling Stone that seemed as likely as being asked to give a sermon at the Vatican.It wasnt a goal, he explains, because it never seemed like a possibility. But never to be bound by what seems possible, UM secured a coveted day at the worlds most famous recording studio and dove in headfirst.Twelve hours after first setting foot in Abbey Road Studios, just before midnight, Umphreys McGee left the historic room with their own new album, The London Session, what Rolling Stone dubs a historical primer, an evolution story inside 51 minutes.This November 11th, prepare to get Zonkeyd. An album unlike any previous Umphreys McGee effort, this unique take on the mash-up concept is yet another example that there arent many places Umphreys McGee wont take you.Umphreys McGee are more than just a rock band through nearly two decades, they have proven to be on the cutting-edge of both music and technology, super-serving their fans through a community that stretches from the campus of Notre Dame to the hallowed halls of Abbey Road.
February 15, 2018
February 15, 2018
The Anthem 901 Wharf St SW Washington, District of Columbia 20024 United States
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