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With their sublime second album, Palace have pulled off a rare pop trick. Songs steeped in darkness emerge in to light, from bleak situations spring fresh starts. Bathed in the bands atmospheric alt-rock, the future feels brighter and more optimistic.Life After is both an album about loss and a manual to moving on. Im writing this song, to help you breathe again, sings Leo Wyndham on the opening title track, a shimmering ode to survival. By the epic, seven minute-plus closer Heaven Up There, the theme of Life After is obvious.Hope, says Leo. Hope and positivity seeing the light at the end of a long tunnel. Its about going through tough times and coming out the other side.Palace didnt start their second album with any plans in place. Buoyed by the reception of their debut, 2016s So Long Forever, and near two years of sold-out shows and festival slots that won them fans worldwide, the London-based trio of former Dorset school friends had a new-found confidence that they were keen to capture on record.On our debut, we were pretty green and new to it all, admits drummer Matt Hodges, who had never been in a band before Palace formed for fun in 2012. Wed only had a few rehearsals when we started getting gigs. We put one song on Soundcloud, and people started to listen. We released an EP and suddenly we were signed.We almost drove ourselves mad making our first album. Wed spend weeks on one drum part then scrap it. What we learned was to stop being so precious. If it sounds good, go with it.Between tours in 2017, Palace returned to their Tottenham studio-come-shared warehouse space, The Arch, where So Long Forever was demoed, and simply plugged in and played.Our sole aim was to write better songs Some songs have an all-enveloping wall of guitars, others are stripped right down. It was about finding the right mood for each song, not settling on one sound.Some of the songs had been written on the road, referencing both relationships that had broken down an
February 03, 2020
February 03, 2020
U Street Music Hall 1115 U Street NW Washington, District of Columbia 20001 United States
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