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Galactic feat. Anjelika Jelly Joseph

Concerts & Musicwith Special Guest Chali 2na
Galactics first new studio album in more than three years, ALREADY READY ALREADY released on their own Tchuop-Zilla Records sees the renowned New Orleans based instrumental outfit taking a distinctly contemporary approach towards their own progressive sound, interpolating modern rhythms and electronic instrumentation within the house-shaking framework of the Crescent Citys funk pop n roll. Produced by the bands Robert Mercurio and Ben Ellman, the new LP finds Galactic once again enlisting a diverse array of vocal collaborators to assist in their musical exploration, each of whom lend lyrical flavor and individualistic personality to the bands multi-faceted sonic grooves. Bookended by a high powered pair of trademark Galactic instrumentals that give the album its title, ALREADY READY ALREADY. The album is a short, sharp blast of undeniable creative muscle, from the stripped down kick/snap verses of Going Straight Crazy, featuring New Orleans singer (and YouTube sensation) Princess Shaw, to punk cabaret artist Boyfriends quirky speed-rap on the breakneck Dance At My Funeral. As ever, Galactics omnivorous musical interests make easy classification utterly impossible ALREADY READY ALREADY is as all encompassing and universal as the bands moniker established long ago.Ive never been able to put a label on what we do, Ellman says. I could say its funk or I could say its R&B or jazz or whatever else, but really, its all of that.Its not that were always trying to push boundaries, says Mercurio, but we definitely take influence from our hometown and try to do something new with it. We tour all around the world and were exposed to tons of elements that filter their way into our consciousness and come out through our music.Though their hearts are always in New Orleans, Galactic spends virtually all its life on the road, leaving limited timeframes in which to record. Whenever time allowed, the group holed up at their studio headquarters, Number C
February 14, 2020
February 14, 2020
9:30 Club 815 V St NW Washington, District of Columbia 20001 United States
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