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2500 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20037(202) 333-8060

FXCK SXSW - A local showcase of bands and labels featuring:THE OSYXTOO FREENICE BREEZE

Concerts & Music$12 Adv/ $15 DOS / Doors at 8:00

"THE OSYX is fierce AF. Like their namesake, the legendary alpha female wolf "The '06" and her pack, The OSYX harnesses feminine energy to create something wild, powerful, and critical to today's music scene. Five women have come together, bringing their own unique strength, musicality, and passion into one pro-womxn collective that creates shimmering signs that feel like a prism turning on its side. The music is singularly original, largely raucous and at times silvery - with melodic tensions and chemistries, harmonies and howls that make you want to join the pack." - Nina Goodman, DC Music Review

TOO FREE is born of the most innate curiosity in Awad Bilal (Big Freedia, Vasillus), Carson Cox (Merchandise), and Don Godwin (Callers, Impractical Cockpit), their sound is a question of connection. Can we find each other in the club? In the bass? In the car? Can we find ourselves when we dance? Their debut album Love In High Demand is a startlingly succinct pop meditation on desire, compassion, and groove. Drawing from improvisation and experimentation, these sounds are whittled down to only the most essential: the hand beckoning a listener into their space. Informed by collective experiences in punk and DIY backgrounds, Too Free's unpretentious dancehall ethos is inclusive and accessible instead of insular. Bilal, Cox, and Godwin harness an energy that reveres legacy while banishing nostalgia, their music is a first person guide to thriving in the future of a higher, wildest imagination.

What do you call an ever-changing, beautifully-deteriorating sound capable of primitive slobber, muscle-moving fire, and profound Ashbery-worthy poetics, often all within the span of one chopped verse? Let's call it NICE BREEZE.

<a href="http://nicebreeze.bandcamp.com/album/lo-be

March 13, 2020
March 13, 2020
Black Cat 1811 Fourteenth Street Washington, District of Columbia 20009 United States
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