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2500 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20037(202) 333-8060
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07 March 2020
Singing Better
Concerts & Music
Singing Better @ Offsite
Venue - Offsite
FILM FESTIVAL PASSES 40% off thru Feb25 (Full, weekend, day) DCIFF 2020, March 4-8
Festivals & Fairs
Join us for the twenty first anniversary of the DC Independent Film Festival March 4-8th, 2020 in downtown DC! Get a festival pass now at an early discount rate until February 25,
Venue - Carnegie Institution
Saturday Morning Services with MesorahDC
Service with soulful melodies and contemporary insights. Separate seating for men and women during services.MesorahDC is an independent program that uses space
Venue - I Historic Synagogue
DC Whiskey Walk
Food & Dining
DC Whiskey Walk Enjoy eight fabulous whiskey tastes at D.C.‘s favorite bars to get you in the Irish spirit during this awesome, daylong event. You'' also enjoy specials on
Venue - The Board Room
Robert C. Plumb - The Better Angels: Five Women Who Changed Civil War America
Plumb follows Your Brother in Arms with a collective biography of five extraordinary women who came to national prominence during the Civil War. Documenting how the
Venue - Prose
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