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2500 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20037(202) 333-8060
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22 February 2020
Singing Better
Concerts & Music
Singing Better @ Offsite ...Read More Singing Better
Venue - Offsite
The Johnny Artis Band
Concerts & Music
Saturday, February 22The Johnny Artis BandR & BRock & Roll Well known in the Mid Atlantic region for their ...Read More The Johnny Artis Band
Venue - Marx Cafe- Bar
Shenandoah Winter Hike at White Oak Canyon
Sports & Recreation
Winter is here! Time to hit the trail breathe in some fresh ...Read More Shenandoah Winter Hike at White Oak Canyon
Venue - Washington DC REI
"Friendlier Fables and Thoughtful Tales"
Arts & Theater
Friendlier Fables and Thoughtful Tales Join us for familiar stories with kinder twists in Friendlier Fables and Thoughtful Tales. Audiences learn about ...Read More "Friendlier Fables and Thoughtful Tales"
Venue - The Atlas Performing Arts Center
Saturday Morning Services with MesorahDC
Service with soulful melodies and contemporary insights. Separate seating for men and women during services.MesorahDC is an independent program that uses space ...Read More Saturday Morning Services with MesorahDC
Venue - I Historic Synagogue
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